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what is a SALON event?

At a TEDx salon, attendees watch TED Talks, sometimes host a few speakers (though it’s not required) and have informal discussions about the talks they witnessed. Salons are an opportunity to keep the campus community engaged in the time between our annual main stage events. The format is very flexible and allows our club to create a unique experience for attendees. Salon events are focused around a central idea or topic unlike the main event, where we strive to include many different topics under a broad theme.

Recent events


Mind Craft focused on exploring and understanding personalities through a series of past TED talks. Dr. Little’s informative and humorous talk on the basis of personality invites conversation and thought while Mr. Hudson’s talk on changing our personality makes the listener wonder if they can also make a personality change. We encourage you to check them out and learn something new about personalities! 

past Events

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FEBRUARY 18th, 2021

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november 19th, 2019

october 29th, 2020


september 26th, 2019

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Nourish was the first installment of TEDxOhioStateUniversity’s inaugural Salon series. We explored a variety of ideas related to the role food plays in our lives and communities by featuring Ayna Arora, Glennon McSweeney, and Jessica Cooperstone as our speakers!

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