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February 18th, 2021
Throughout history, the world has seen how different movements encounter hardships and success. Between major social changes and technological advancements, we have seen a multitude of movements come and go, many of which are still prevalent today. But what makes a movement a movement? 



Anusha Singh is a fourth-year undergraduate Neuroscience student on the pre-medical track at The Ohio State University.  She currently works as the National Campaigns Lead at PERIOD nonprofit. Since starting her own student organization, PERIOD OSU, nearly 3 years ago, she has been able to affect policy change, both locally and state-wide

We're Going to Solve Period Poverty
Looking back at history, little efforts were made to solve the significant issue of period poverty. The recent Period Movement has brought this into light through the minds and determination of activists in today’s generation. More than ever, we need to emphasize and realize that our generation is going to solve the crisis of period poverty. Change and progress will start and continue with us.

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Counselors for Social Justice


Art Over Violence


Amnesty International

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