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Cecelia Walter



The Content Committee is responsible for selecting and coaching the incredible TEDx speakers. Content selects speakers within the Ohio State community, conducts an application and interview process, and coaches the speakers for the TEDxOhioStateUniversity’s main event. Members of this committee meet individually, either in-person or virtually, with speakers on a weekly basis to develop the TEDx talks. This committee works with some of the best students, faculty, staff, and alumni that the university has to offer, and the responsibility to guide these innovators is a large yet rewarding task. We are extremely dedicated to the mission of TED, as our main goal is to help others spread their ideas on the TEDx stage. 


Betsy Merritt


Mukund Tarimala


Nick Cyranek


Maddie Betts


Lara Pfrimmer

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Isabel Rosario-Montalvo

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Jack Haney


Heema Vyas


Abi Dumm


Sam Buehler

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Drew Polito

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Anna Shulman

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Prerana Rao

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Maya Goldenberg


Design is responsible for all the visual and experiential branding for TEDxOhioStateUniversity. Members practice creative thinking and organizational skills and are responsible for making sure each event is both inviting and exciting. Throughout the year, we work with Content, Public Relations, Salons, and Outreach to brand multiple

Salon-style events and our flagship main event. The design team produces social media graphics, video animations, presentation layouts, stage designs, speaker videos, programs, and audience engagement activities.


Mackie Herrlinger


Emma Peters

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Levi Gaidos

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Athira Vasudevan

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Lucy Vidmar

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Mary Gibson

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Nola Valerian


The role of the Development Committee is to support the goals and vision of TEDxOhioStateUniversity through the management of our finances and fundraising. On the back end of the organization, we are responsible for managing our expenses and accounts to ensure funding is accounted for and distributed as needed. On the front end of the organization, we are responsible for building and maintaining our relationships with organizations and individuals that support our mission through donations/other in kind contributions.


Bilan Yakoub

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Dheeraj Peddinti

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Charles Von Sund

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Suvan Dommeti


Logistics has the vital role of navigating the planning and execution of the main event. Logistics has the opportunity to connect and work with OSU organizations and local companies/organizations to incorporate them into our main event in order to enhance the audience experience. Logistics committee also works very closely with all other TEDxOhioStateUniversity committees in coordinating all other aspects of the main event including but not limited to marketing, speaker/team day of schedules, sponsorships, sustainability, and audience gifts/experience.


Josh Parker


Kahler Kurtz

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Preksha Rao

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Danielle Mathews


Seth Demmel

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Andrew Kramer


Outreach works with organizations in the community who have an idea worth spreading to campus and beyond to the general public. Throughout the year, we put on events throughout the year (similar to salon and the main event), but we have never been limited to the usual TEDx event format. This year, more than ever, we will rely on our brilliant Outreach team for new ways to spread ideas. In the past we have worked with organizations like Columbus Care Coalition, Lindon Elementary, Refuge (the Ohio State club), and Franklin County CATCH court, among many others. We also utilize the TED Ed program within Columbus City Schools.


Irene Posada

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Arushi Sharma

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Brielle Shorter

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Laney King

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Allie Kendall

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Danielle Holop

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Imani Womack


The Public Relations committee is responsible for raising awareness for TEDxOhioStateUniversity events, both in on and off campus settings. This includes multiple social media platforms, our newsletter, and other creative ways of getting the word out. This committee also works very closely with all other TEDxOhioStateUniversity committees to effectively coordinate the best way to notify students of upcoming events.


Addy Zugaro


Nick Williams

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Sagar Shah

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Olivia Evans


The Salons Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of smaller, more focused events put on by TEDxOhioStateUniversity. Our members have creative thinking skills, initiative personalities, and a flexible, open-minded approach to communication. As part of the Salon committee, we are very active in the planning of our events as we do a little bit of everything. With everything from solo events to partnerships with other organizations on campus, we work on crafting an event theme, finding speakers from the Ohio State University community, coaching their talks, managing a budget and marketing the event, while also collaborating and working closely with all other committees to put on successful and exciting events.


Hannah Shi


Varshini Chennupati

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Caroline Gillespie


Anuha Vellanki

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Sherry Lam

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Kyle Jiang

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Mateo Zevallos

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Simmi Kannekanti