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  • Ava Mastrianni

A new year, A new Horizon

Happy New Year! So glad to have you starting off your 2021 with us here at TEDxOhioStateUniversity!!

So, let's cut to the chase last year…. well..... was unexpected and quite frankly exhausting. Yet, even through a global pandemic, an intense political cycle, and a long overdue movement to address societal inequalities, 2020 was definitely one for the books. I think we can all look back at this year and wish things had been a little different. We all would have killed for one more OSU football game, a class that wasn’t on zoom, and that we hadn’t spent the entirety of quarantine watching TikTok instead of “writing that novel you always wanted to." Usually, a new year, especially one like this, means setting resolutions and leaving the past behind. Typically everyone is scrambling to push aside the mistakes, block out those embarrassing moments, and forget the Netflix originals they wasted their time on.

However, as we move forward into this new season of life it’s important to not forget all the lessons 2020 taught us. It helped us prioritize what and who was really important. It opened not just our schedules but also our minds to paying attention when injustice is occurring. It gave us the time to take at least three walks around our neighborhood, sit down to watch an entire movie, and most importantly actually see a TED talk or two. In 2020, we crossed new horizons every day, tackled problems like no other, and adapted to a weird set of life circumstances. We proved that even in the darkest times, or the strangest year, or the most dire of circumstances, there are always more Horizons. 2021 is sure to throw us more curve balls than I'm ready for and frankly would care to imagine. I dare say we will again have to cross a new horizon.

In 2021, TEDxOhioStateUniversity is ready for new Horizons and we want you to come with us. Here at TEDx we are ecstatic to announce our main event, Horizons, an entirely online TEDx event like no other. We are so excited to share with you the hard work our members have been doing this year and reveal to you our stacked speaker lineup. We can’t wait to have you see our event and celebrate ten years of TEDx with us. New things are always on the horizon so make sure to follow our journey through whatever platform you prefer. Stay tuned for our speaker release and event info coming soon! Catch ya on the Horizon.


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