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Early Bird Tickets!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Today is Friday, the 10th of January, which means that we have made it through our first week of the spring semester! Congratulations! It’s not always easy to dive back into the lifestyle of academia, but you’ve made it through the first week. So that’s a start. We have some exciting TEDxOhioStateUniversity-related news to commemorate not only the start of the spring semester but also the new year. It’s 2020, and we have our annual conference Magnify coming up shortly!

Every year, we hold an annual TEDx conference where we showcase Ohio State’s best ideas worth spreading to a vast and interested audience. Last year, our main event sold out, and we expect Magnify to be no different. Magnify is our 2020 annual conference where we will have 12 immaculate speakers and performers, who will each command the stage in an invigorating way. There will be breakfast, refreshments, and light snacks to keep our audience satisfied throughout the event. Magnify will be on February 22nd at Mershon auditorium, and this event won’t be one that you would want to miss. So, we have some exclusive information regarding tickets for our readers! 

Each year, we have a special promotion for our annual conference called Early Bird, where early ticket buyers are able to purchase their tickets at a reduced cost. For Magnify, Early Bird tickets are $10 for students, both Ohio State and non-Ohio State students, and $15 of non-students. The promotion will start on January 13th and will end on the 24th of the same month. Due to the lower cost and short timeframe of the promotion, we urge that you buy your tickets next week to take advantage of Early Bird! After this deal, regular priced tickets will be shortly announced, so keep an eye out for that incase you missed the Early Bird promotion.

We are immensely excited for Magnify, and we greatly urge that you buy your ticket to see the magnificent lineup we’ve curated. 

Friendly reminder:

Early Bird tickets go on sale from 1/13 - 1/24, then prices will revert to their original prices.

Early Bird Student price: $10 

Early Bird Non-Student: $15

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