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Spring into TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Hello and welcome back to our blog!

It’s been a while since I’ve last shared all of the TEDxOhioStateUniversity updates we have, so buckle up for this adventure of a blog post. Hopefully you had a fantastic Spring Break, and now we are back and ready to finish off the year with you all!


On February 26th, we had our 11th annual main event, Bloom! If you came to the event, hopefully you had a great time and learned a thing or two from our amazing lineup of speakers. We thank you for your support, and hopefully it won’t be the last time we see you at a TEDx event, because we certainly have a lot more lined up for you. If it weren’t for all of you, we wouldn’t be able to pull off a TEDx conference in the way that we do. I also want to take a moment to thank all of our speakers for sharing their ideas on the Bloom stage, it means the world that you took so much time out of your busy lives to share this moment with our team and our audience. For more information about the speakers who joined us on the main stage, checkout some of our other blog posts and the main page of our website. We will have details about streaming the event out soon!

We are so excited that we were able to bring TEDx to the in-person stage this year, and we can’t wait for what our future events have in store.


In other news, we have more podcast episodes out! Outreach committee members Imani and Sumedha interview Rachel Friedman and Faith Huddleston of TENSPACE to find out more about the future of experiential retail in the Short North.

In our newest episode, outreach committee members Josh and Allie interview the Director of the Columbus Marathon, Darris Blackford, to learn about his journey through the endurance athletics community, what makes Columbus so special, and talk about the parallels between the art of running and life.

Give them a listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!


We have a TEDxOhioStateUniversity Outreach event coming up! Join us this Monday, March 28th for an event centered around battling addictive drugs. We will be hosting speakers from the OSU pharmacy school who will discuss the risks associated with addictive drugs and present current initiatives to prevent their misuse. There will be free food and free harm reduction resources like fentanyl testing strips and narcan will be provided to attendees. The event takes place at 7pm in the Busch Valor Room. Bring your friends and we hope to see you there!


On Tuesday, April 5th, we will be hosting another event, this one organized by our Salon committee! We will have one speaker who will be discussing aspects of uncommon literature, with some audience gifts to go along with it. More information will be available as the date gets closer!

Thank you again for joining us for this journey of a blog post, and we hope you will continue to keep up to date with all things TEDxOhioStateUniversity. Hopefully we will see you at one of our upcoming events! Thanks for reading, let’s finish out this year strong!



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