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TEDx welcomes you back to school with our first event of the year: Poetics!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the TEDxOhioStateUniversity blog and another year of exciting TEDx events! We are looking to build off a great last year, where we presented our 11th annual event under the title Bloom. We shined the spotlight on 12 incredible speakers that spoke on topics that ranged from the environment and culture to food and the economy, with the ultra-talented Chinese Folk Music Orchestra performing during the intermission of the show. Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope to see you at this year’s event as well!

Before we dive into talking about our first event of the year, TEDxOhioStateUniversity would like to welcome all of our fantastic new members! We here at TEDx hope that you will have as great a time in this organization as the rest of us have, we cannot wait to get started!

To kickstart another year of great speakers and interactive events, TEDx hosted our first salon event of the year in Poetics. During Poetics, our wonderful salon committee showed us a couple TED Talks about poetry’s history, meaning, and variety as well as had the audience participate in a related activity, and even featured some works of poetry submitted by our audience members! Thank you to everyone who attended Poetics and made it the great opening event of the year that it was. Something to keep in mind about this year’s salon events is that your attendance at these events can count as a coupon when it comes time to purchase your ticket for the main event in the spring! More details about this are to come, but definitely something to keep in mind.

In regards to our main event happening in the spring, speaker nominations are live! If you know someone from Ohio State (i.e. professor, faculty, staff, student, etc.) who you think would give an excellent TED Talk, nominate them to speak at our main event. Nominations close October 24, so be sure to get your nominations in before then! Use this link to find our nomination form. If you have any additional questions about the nomination process, keep an eye out for next week’s blog post for details and specific information.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at our future events, but in the meantime, follow our social media pages for updates on everything going on with TEDxOhioStateUniversity!



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