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  • Addy Zugaro

tedxohiostateuniversitysalons makes its return with mind craft

Welcome back readers. Today marks the official first day of October, which means it’s officially spooky season! That also means that we have a lot going on in TEDxOhioStateUniversity in the coming weeks.


Mark your calendars, our first TEDxOhioStateUniversitySalons event is Tuesday, October 19! Join us for Mindcraft, an event focused on finding your personality type. By attending you’ll get to watch some amazing past TED talks, discover your personality type, discuss this with others, and engage in interactive activities involving your newly found sense of self. The event will start at 7pm in Houston House Room 1874. You won’t want to miss it!

For those who may not know, what is a Salon event?

A salon event is a small-scale version of a TEDx event that has a specific focus, such as mental health awareness, music, the environment, etc. Our upcoming event Mind Craft is focused on discovering personality types, as mentioned above. These events are typically shorter than a normal TEDx event, and they feature fewer speakers, but that doesn’t make them any less exciting and intriguing. We host these events throughout the year to give more people the chance to share their ideas in a more personalized way, and it gives you more opportunities to experience what our organization does here at Ohio State. There is always room for more ideas and passions to be shared, so the goal of including Salon events throughout the year is to provide a stage for all of those unheard ideas and passions.


This is your friendly neighborhood reminder that speaker nominations and applications are still live and we would love for you to take this chance and recommend some fantastic speakers for our main event in the Spring. Speaker nominations close on October 20, and speaker applications close October 22!! Both can be found on our website and in the bios of our social media platforms. If you want a full debrief on who can be a speaker and other FAQ’s, check out our blog post from September 16!

Have a happy start to October, and as always, thanks for reading :)



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