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Thankful for TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Hello again and happy Friday! We are officially one week out from Thanksgiving break, a break I’m sure we all need at this point in the semester. I hope there’s something or some things you can be thankful for this time of year, whether it’s that you’re thankful this semester is almost over, you’re thankful to be seeing family and friends from home, or you’re thankful for the little things that make everyday a little better.


As you may know, early last week we had our Countdown event and it was a huge success! We had an audience of over 100 people come to watch Dr. Joe Campbell and Rafael Quijada Landaverde give their talks about the current state of climate change and what we can do to actively battle it. As a reminder, Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action in the race to a zero-carbon world. The audience also got to participate in an activity that involved making public policy decisions involving sustainability and climate issues that would keep up the policy approval rating and keep the global temperature low and controlled. Overall, it was a great time!

If you missed this event, don’t worry, we will have another TEDxOhioStateUniversitySalon event this coming January, and our main event is happening this spring! Stay tuned for details about the amazing things we have coming your way.


Another update I have for you readers is that we are still in the process of planning our main event! The speaker applications are in, and we are now in the process of choosing who is going to get to spread their ideas on the main stage. Like I said before, stay tuned for more details.

To end this week’s blog, and in light of this season of thanks, I want to share a few reasons why I am thankful for TEDxOhioStateUniversity. Maybe you’ll find a few things on this list that resonate with you as well :)

I am:

  1. Thankful to be part of a student org that is so well rounded and filled with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met

  2. Thankful that we get to spread some incredible ideas through the work that we do

  3. Thankful for the free TEDx audience gifts that come with every event

  4. Thankful that people enjoy our events as much as we do

  5. Thankful for the connections and friendships I’ve made through this org and our mission

Thanks for reading and happy Thanksgiving!!



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