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The final countdown to bloom!

Hello all! We are officially in the full swing of things, because our main event Bloom is FIVE DAYS AWAY! Come see 12 phenomenal TED talks and one talented performance group THIS SATURDAY February 26th at 12pm in Mershon Auditorium! There will be snacks, audience gifts, and a whole lot of new ideas circulating that are sure to inspire you to bloom. We also have a livestream option for those who prefer or cannot attend in person.

This week, the members of TEDxOhioStateUniversity will be participating in a spirit week! Follow along on social media @tedxohiostateu to find out more about our organization and the members that make this event a success. I’m sure some of you have seen us out on campus these past few weeks, whether it was at a booth in the Union, passing flyers out in front of Scott or the RPAC, or at our booth on the Oval. We are doing our very best to make this event the event of the year here at OSU, and if you don’t know already, the audience is a key component to making that happen! You all are the reason we are able to do what we do, you are the reason we are the biggest TEDx Conference in Columbus, OH. So with that being said, if you haven’t gotten tickets already, you should get them right now!! I have attached the ticket link below, or you can find the link on the homepage of our website. Imagine, you could be in the audience for a TED talk that might be published by Big TED and will get millions of views on YouTube! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so take advantage of it, it is sure to help you learn more about the amazing things the Ohio State Community has to offer.


I have posted about this year’s speakers and an overview of the event in the past two blog posts, but I will include them here as well so you can have all of the information in one place.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected us for almost two years now, we wanted to highlight that we are still able to rise above the negativity that has plagued our lives for so long. We wanted to showcase the ways in which we can stay positive in light of all of the challenges we have faced, and we hope to do this through the spreading of ideas. Also, aside from the pandemic, Bloom represents the ways in which we can all grow in our everyday lives. Every day opens us up to endless possibilities, and they allow us to grow and thrive in different ways. We hope that our lineup of speakers will be able to open the door to some of these possibilities, and share their ideas in a way that will inspire all of you to bloom.


John Low

Dr. John Low is a citizen of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, an associate professor at Ohio State University - Newark, and the Director of the Newark Earthworks Center. Dr. Low’s research interests include American Indian histories, literatures, and cultures, Indigenous cross-cultural connections, and Native environmental perspectives and practices. His talk will discuss the importance of Native perspectives for a fuller understanding of the Newark Earthworks. He will also recognize the global significance of these sites and their nomination to be World Heritage Sites with UNESCO.

Scott Gaudi

An astronomer by training, Scott works with NASA, industry, the astronomical community, and the public to help develop the next generation of great space observatories designed to answer some of humanity’s most profound questions.

Elena Foulis

Elena Foulis is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. She is an oral historian who is committed to amplifying the voices of the Latine Community in Ohio.

Chinese Folk Music Orchestra

Chinese culture has evolved and been passed down for thousands of years, and folk music is one of the most important representations of Chinese culture. Chinese Folk Music Orchestra are using music to express Chinese culture and belief, with traditional Chinese instruments combined with some western instruments.

Bart Elmore

Bart first became passionate about environmental justice while trekking and paddling through the woods and streams of North Georgia. He soon discovered he wanted to be an educator when teaching in Savannah, Georgia, and then went north to study environmental history, which he now teaches with an eye towards finding lessons from the past that can create a more ecologically sustainable future.

Lauren Pond

Lauren Pond is a documentary photographer whose work focuses on religion in the United States. She uses her camera to share the nuanced stories of communities across the country and to illustrate how religion intersects with everyday human experience.

Morgan Podraza

Introducing educator and pop-culture scholar Morgan Podraza. From comics and movies to toys and memes, her work explores how we play with media and how those experiences shape our relationships with ourselves and one another.

Umit Ozkan

Umit Ozkan teaches Chemical Engineering at Ohio State. Her research focuses on catalysis and electrocatalysis, with applications relevant to energy, environment and sustainability.

Iman Ansari

Iman Ansari’s work focuses on the historical and contemporary relationship between architecture and medicine. He is interested in how various things—gases, fluids, particles, humans, and non-humans—move and interact with and within buildings, and how architecture can provide a better framework to rethink and reimagine those interactions.

Richard Giang

The way that Richard best communicates is through a shared meal. Being born of Vietnamese immigrant refugee parents, he seeks to share in his food culture and others in creative and innovative ways with the goal of producing a level of interconnectedness and understanding throughout the community.

Meta Brown

Meta Brown is a member of OSU’s economics department faculty; her previous posts include the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the University of Wisconsin, and Stony Brook University. Meta’s research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation and has appeared in the American Economic Review, the Review of Economic Studies, and OSU’s own Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

Carter Philips

Carter Phillips, an OSU alum, has argued more cases in private practice before the US Supreme Court than anyone in history. He clerked for Chief Justice Warren Burger, argued his first Supreme Court case in January 1982 and has argued a total of 88 times before the Court.

Douglas Crews

Dr. Crews is a biological anthropologist specializing in evolutionary biology and human adaptability, as illustrated by senescence, frailty, stressor responses, and allostatic load within and across ecological and sociocultural settings, including Samoa, Japan, Kuwait, Poland, and the United States. His publications include Human Senescence: Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspectives (Cambridge, 2003); Genes, geographic ancestry, and disease susceptibility: applications of evolutionary medicine to clinical settings” (Evolutionary Medicine and Health: New Perspectives, 2008); “Senescence” (Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Sciences, 2019).

Remember, the event is THIS WEEK! So make sure to buy tickets, and we hope to see you this Saturday! Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to see where this year’s event Bloom takes us and you :)



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