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The Return of TEDxOhioStateUniversity: Speaker Nominations and Applications are live

The year is 2020 and the life you once knew has been put on hold. School, events, celebrations, and large get-togethers are cancelled. If that wasn’t enough, even Ohio State football has yet to make an appearance this fall season. Everything you loved and looked forward to has disappeared. However, through all the grief and aggravation there is a light, a single beacon of hope that shines through even amidst a global pandemic. What is this sliver of reassurance that remains, you ask?


Even in a world dominated by zoom meetings, TEDx remains and is still celebrating it's ten year anniversary! TEDx will be ringing in 10 years by taking ideas worth spreading to a whole new level. No longer will our event be solely the audiences of Ohio State University and the Columbus area, because TEDxOhioStateUniversity online will be able to reach audiences across the globe. Although our events will be predominantly virtual, this will not discourage our mission: to inform, learn, and inspire individuals.

Our main event is still set to take place in 2021 and we want to fill our stage with the most amazing speakers, professors, performers, or anyone who has something important to say. However, in order to make this possible we need you. Speaker nominations and applications are available and closing soon, so the time to apply is NOW!

Through the remainder of this blog post we will delve into the exciting world of becoming a speaker at a TEDxOhioStateUniversity event and why you are the perfect fit.

Step 1: Nominate individuals who have an idea worth spreading

Here at TEDxOhioStateUniversity we offer the opportunity to any Ohio State Affiliate to speak at our event. Yet many individuals don't realize they have an idea worth spreading. This is where you come in.

Find your chemistry TA from freshman year who changed your life, that professor whose research defined your undergraduate studies, or the random girl who lived in your apartment complex and now is writing her PhD dissertation. Moral of the story is use the nomination form and encourage your friends, professors, and anyone who is affiliated with the university to apply. Who knows, they could have always wanted to give a TEDx talk, but just needed a little persuasion.

What does it mean if you’ve been nominated? Well first off, that you should apply to be a speaker, but more importantly that you want to be heard by the Ohio State community. Individuals in your life value your thoughts, opinions, intellect, and want it to be shared to more people who could find it equally fascinating. This is a sign to spread your message!

Step 2: Apply to be a speaker

Nominations are not the only way speakers can appear on the TEDxOhioStateUniversity main stage. Anyone with an idea worth spreading is welcome to apply to speak as long as they are affiliated with the university. This means if you are an undergraduate student. graduate student, staff, alumni, professors, faculty, or etc please apply! Additionally, performers of all talents and areas are encouraged to apply. We do ask that there is still an underlying message to your act.

Step 3: Determine if your idea would make a great TED talk

  1. Do you have a strong idea?

  2. Can you provide personal experiences/relevant information on the topic?

  3. Could you identify a clear message? Members of our organization will help you develop the presentation, but we will not provide you with an idea!

  4. Do you have some familiarity with TED talks? This is only to help you understand the general format of a TED talk and see if TEDx blends well with your personal story.

  5. Most importantly, do you have enthusiasm and passion!?!?

If you answered yes to the questions above, it’s time to apply!

Step 4: Don’t be nervous, apply. We have your back!

Regardless, of what the topic of your talk is we want to hear from you. Our content coaches will be there to help you along the way in order to create the best talk possible. You bring the idea and the passion and will guide you through the rest. So what are you waiting for, nominations close October 9th and applications close the 11th. You you have ideas to spread! Fill out your application today!

Applications can be found in the bios of our social media, @tedxohiostateu, or apply via our website!

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