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Tune in and Turn it up for Keynote

The long awaited TEDxOhioStateUniversitySalon Event Keynote is officially live. 

After months of delay, because of Covid-19, TEDx is thrilled to finally release our first ever virtual event. Keynote will offer three amazing speakers who will explore the relationship between music and its impact on the speakers and our lives. The event will be available for streaming, here on our website at 5pm. We hope you tune in!

But wait what is a Salon event?

For those of you who are new to the TEDx arena, a Salon event is a mini TEDx event that centers around a specific topic. In the case of Keynote, all talks will be centered around music, compared to our main event which features a variety of topics. Salon events are also shorter than our main event and typically only feature 2-4 speakers. The events offer our organization the opportunity to feature more speakers throughout the year in a more flexible and unique format. As always, the goal is to always challenge ourselves to keep spreading ideas all year long. 

You have my attention, who will be speaking?

I am just so glad you asked. Our event will feature three speakers all with a unique take on the physical, mental, and social impact of music.

Our first speaker, Gavin Heiserman, is fourth-year business finance major at Ohio State. Music has been on a steady crescendo in Gavins life since middle school. Since then he has been eagerly learning instruments, listening to music, and educating himself on musical theory. Gavin’s talk will dive into his passion for music and how it set his life to a new beat.

Our second speaker is Henry Neff, a fourth year majoring in economics here at Ohio State. Henry is in high demand as a talented beatboxer who has performed with many singing and A Cappella groups on campus. He is currently the music director and beatboxer for Buck That A Cappella. In his talk he will be breaking down the culture and history of beatboxing, as well as his experience as a beatboxing performer. 

Our third and final speaker is Laurel Hurst, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Lauren has spent her career exploring the neurological impact of drumming on the physical, mental, and social health. Her research centers around rhythm therapy and it has been widely appreciated and acclaimed here at OSU. In her Keynote talk, she will be discussing the benefits of rhythm therapy on mental health. 

So...How can I see the event again?!?!?!

Remember you can access the event today at 5pm! Head over to our social media or visit us at our website where you will find a link to the performances. We can’t wait for you to see our event and listen to our amazing speakers. TEDxOhioStateUniversitySalon is excited to kick off a new year of TEDx on a positive (musical) note!


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