• Fatima Guettatfi

Want to be on stage? Apply to be our Emcee!

Welcome! We have an important announcement to make: the emcee application for our main event is open, and the app is only open until November 24th! Every spring, TEDxOhioStateUniversity showcases Ohio State’s best ideas worth spreading at our annual event that is almost a half day-long event. We have an average audience count of 1200, and we sold out last year! The theme for our upcoming event is Magnify, and there will be 12 (i think idk help) performers. Alongside our performers, our emcee’s are essential figures in our event! They are the moderators who allow for the experience to move smoothly throughout the day, and the application to be an emcee is open!

We get a lot of inquiries on how to get involved in our main event, and being an emcee is a great way to get involved. The emcee introduces each speaker, brings intermission to life, and concludes our event. Thus it’s easy to notice how the role is vital for the livelihood of our main event! Now that we’ve briefly discussed the importance of the emcee, we’ll explore the many features we are looking for in a potential emcee. 

An emcee isn’t a simple role, and it’s quite demanding since one is in front of a broad audience, and that audience is expecting the guidance of the emcee to understand what’s going on in the event. So if you aren’t afraid to stand in front of a broad audience, apply! We are looking for someone who can improv in some shape or form. We want our emcee to evolve their presence on stage with the ambiance of the audience, so if you’re good at improvisation, apply to be an emcee. Aside from those stylistic qualifications, we want our emcee to have fun on stage! This is anyone’s chance to play host for an event, and this isn’t meant to be a daunting role, even though it may seem that way. 

This isn’t an isolated role! We won’t let you fend for yourself; we’ll provide the support and guidance when needed. We do ask for some independence in your work, but we will be a point of clarification as one begins to take up the role of emcee. Again, this is a fun role for people passionate about being on a stage, improv, and people to show their presence on a large platform. 

What is needed for the emcee application? Alongside a filled out application sheet, applicants must submit a video where the applicant answers three questions introduced in the app. The video itself will only range from 3-6 minutes, so it isn’t an overly demanding video! 

You can access the application here: Emcee application and on the homepage of our website! We are looking forward to your application, and if you have anyone in mind that will shine on our stage, prompt them to apply as well! Applications close November 24th, so be swift!!

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