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What Makes a Movement? & Emcee Applications are live!

Greetings avid TEDxOhioStateUniversity blog readers! We are so happy to have you back for another edition of the Blog. Since we last chatted, TEDx hosted its first Salon event of the year, Keynote! Not only was Keynote the first event of the year, but also our first completely virtual series of talks. The event had stellar online viewership and Salon is ready to host more amazing events in the future. With Keynote behind us it is time to move into additional news in the TEDx universe.

Two important applications are now open!!

  1. Emcee Applications for the main event

  2. Speaker applications for Salon event #2, What Makes a Movement?

Emcee Applications

Have you ever dreamed of captivating an audience with your charming personality and zest for life? Do you consider yourself energetic, witty, and able to think on your feet? Most importantly, have you ever wanted to grace the TEDx stage, but solely for the purpose of getting to talk in front of a large crowd? If any of the following prompts sounded like you, you should apply to be an Emcee at our main event, Horizons!!

The main job for an Emcee at our main event is keeping the audience engaged and energized between speakers. They act as the liaison between speakers helping to transition through the diverse array of topics being discussed on stage. Being conscious of the audience's mood and being able to improv accordingly is key to taking on the role of emcee. Although the event will be virtual this year the job of the emcee will be equally important in the overall flow of the show. The emcee will appear on screen in between performers just like at the main event and offer a lighthearted break.

Emcee applications are now live and we encourage you to go and apply! The application requires you to submit a 3-6 minute clip that answers the following questions.

1. In the third person, introduce yourself as if you were the one about to give a

TEDxOhioStateUniversity talk.

2. Why do you want to get involved with TEDxOhioStateUniversity as an emcee?

3. What experience do you have with public speaking or as an emcee?

Our main goal is to see you having fun with the role and feeling natural in front of the camera. Applications are due by December 6th at 11:59 pm and we can’t wait to see yours!

Link to apply: Emcee Application

What Makes a Movement?

The world is constantly evolving through societal and technological changes. Each generation experiences life differently from those that came before them. However, what leads to such astronomical societal changes in the first place? TEDxOhioStateUniversitySalon is excited to present, What Makes a Movement?, a dive into how movements throughout history have initiated change. We want to hear what you have to say and explore the inner workings of societal changes.

In today's world, it is more important than ever to be aware of the movements going on around us and the problems going on right under us. It is our duty to take action and at the very least spread the word. What Makes a Movement?, is just one example of TEDx’s mission to feature ideas worth spreading and feature empowering speakers. So what are you waiting for? Jump in the movement and apply to be a speaker today.

Applications will close on November 30th, 2020 at 11:59 p.m, so the time to apply is now!

Link to apply: Speaker Application

Insta: @TEDxOhioStateU / Twitter: @TEDxOhioStateU / Facebook: @TEDxOhioStateU

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